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We all watched The Sex & the City and at some point there was that infamous scene where they showed a rabbit vibrator; a vibrator by which Samantha swears changed her life. It was built around one goal - to offer a concise collection of the best rabbit vibrators on the market, including clitoral vibrator, the Pocket Rabbit, which I'm reviewing today. Vibratex made their toys in Japan, which had strict, and quite old, regulations that prohibited the manufacture of sex toys.

Waterproof Rabbit Vibrator Toy for Couples, just as the name suggests is a rabbit vibrator for couples but it can also be used by a single person. Rabbit Habit Vibrator: The Rabbit Habit Vibrator appeals to those who'd rather not have the rotating pearls inside the shaft.

It seems to be just the right size for me and the end of the vibe hits the top and my cervix just as the clitoral stimulator is making nice firm contact with my clitoris. Our LELO expert recommends using your wand ‘through underwear or by muffling” the power of the vibrations with a towel' if you're a first time user though, as the vibrators are so much stronger than most other sex toys.

Sure, there are vibrators that can provide both clitoral and penetrative stimulation at the same time (like a rabbit vibrator ), but it can be nice to use simpler vibes vibrator sex and keep your hands in the game. When the main shaft is inside of me, the ears fall perfectly over my clitoris because my clitoris is roughly 2 inches from my vaginal opening.

This includes a near-silent motor (and, yes, it really is whisper quiet), an easy-to-clean waterproof body, two independent motors—one for each ear, a travel-lock so that you can take your rabbit on the go, and a rechargeable battery which uses a USB cable as opposed to the mains.

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